The company

IRES, an R&D consulting company founded in 2015, is dedicated to new and innovative nanotechnology solutions. Headquartered in Brussels (Belgium), IRES is a team of key collaborators that provide supporting services such as IP, market research, environmental solutions and marketing advice. Our mission is to deliver to our customers world-class innovative solutions for development of materials based products.
Customised and tailored solutions on demand, often in tool form, successfully identify possible business risks and provide sustainable directions. For this, the whole lifecycle of products is considered, through a holistic evaluation of social, environmental and economic aspects based on EU standards and regulations. IRES in collaboration with external bodies and related initiatives, is part of new technological events, arising innovative technologies and strategic research trends.

What we do is..

What we do is..

The LeaDeRS approach

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): LCA enables a rather scientific assessment to be used and transformed into a practical decision making tool, which facilitates locating possible changes associated with different stages of the manufacturing cycle. Moreover, LCA results can be extended in order to include financial information. This is how we effectively improve strategy plan regarding the manufacturing of products and materials, from lab to fab scale.

Data Management (DM): Materials data management eases the efficient mining and potential for further processing of large materials data sets, resulting in the extraction and identification of high-value materials knowledge, towards design and manufacturing. This is accomplished by using linkages of process-structure-property (PSP) information, with the main focus of data transformations to be in the forward direction (process → structure → properties). As therefore high-value information requires to be linked with the manufacturing and product design routes, the main challenge is, starting from a proper data management plan, to design and build the needed databases stems (tackling challenging issues such as rich internal materials structures that span multiple length scales).

Risk Assessment: Risks associated with hazards are consistently and formally identified, evaluated and managed within acceptable safety requirements. With the use of specific safety tools, we identify and evaluate the possible risks associated with processes and finally propose special control measures in order to increase the level of mitigation actions in case of (un)foreseen risks. Control banding, tiering, prioritisation are only few of the means.

Safety Recommendations: Safe-by-Design approaches in the early stages of projects are implemented, emphasizing on the decision-making process regarding design, materials used and methods in order to enhance the safety of final products and control the related health risks. Following REACH compliance and depending on each case needs we provide specific guidelines regarding safe handling with nanomaterials, chemicals, medical devices, biological substances etc.